Lido is an island that makes together with Pellestrina the boundry of the Venetian Laguna. Being 10 km long but maximum 500 meters width it is a one part in front of The Adriatic sea and the other part is being touched by the Venetian Laguna. Still now you can find nice high level sand beaches all around the island. It is the island that land his name to many beach clubs and facilities simply because it was the very first place in the world where the public beach was opened . This attracted a rich population which still can be seen in the typical Liberty-style architecture of the 1920s . It is also here that the oldest and famous film festival of Venice takes place every year at the beginning of September.

The island has been divided in 3 villages: Lido Center, Malamocco and Alberoni.

Lido Center being the typical high level small touristic center while Alberoni is more quiet residential fishing village. Malamocco however is the birth place of the Venetian Republic and was until 10th century the political ,administrative and economical center of the Venetian Republic. It is now transformed into a very small but beautiful and authentic Venetian village surrounded by the canal all around. The island is flat, green and very quiet and invites you to be explored by bike.